Spotlight Playlist: Jimmy Cinnamond

This page contains the 100 all-time favorite songs from Jimmy Cinnamond, in no particular order.
A new playlist will publish in this space weekly until we hit 40 playlists– 4,000 favorite songs chosen by a group of true music lovers.
Click the Archive link above to visit a page that aggregates previously published Top 100 playlists.

This will be the final project of The Great Unheard, which began in 2008 as means for celebrating underappreciated music.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m amazed at how many songs I’m familiar with Given the difference in ages. A lot of them are on my list too.


  2. There will be repeats, but that’s part of the cool thing–to see the songs on which there is consensus and ones that are new discoveries for most people listening. I am AMAZED at one song that has turned up already five times in 12 playlists (including twice in one playlist–the original AND the cover.) Once I have all the playlists in hand, I plan to keep a running tally of oft-included songs and artists. Thanks, all!


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